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COINO | Base - Innovative modular blockchain system.

What is Coino?

Private blockchain platform
Coino by Walletworks is an innovative blockchain platform for building closed or open end-to-end blockchain solutions for governments, enterprises, NGO’s and private citizens.

Enterprise level solutions
Coino provides a complete solution for clients either as a service or as a server installation with system management tools and web-based user interfaces in mobile and desktop versions.

100% futureproof
Coino offers the best synthesis of centralised rule-based management and blockchain based functionality, which can evolve in scale and functions, solving an ever-growing list of tasks.

Coino platform offers a fundamental stand-alone product, Coino Base, which contains basic service modules for immediate deployment. In addition to that, Coino Ext(ended) offers to extend the functionality of the system by adding specific requested functions and services.

COINO | Site Concept ui design web design

COINO | Site Concept ui design web design